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The Butterfly Effect: Saturday, June 15 | 9pm

June 9, 2024

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Second Inversion
Pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama is among the featured artists in this week’s episode. Photo by Shinji Otani.

by Maggie Molloy

The meteorologist Edward Lorenz once said that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could ultimately cause a tornado in Texas. The smallest change can lead to chaos. A simple, whimsical little insect can transform our lives in ways we never expected.

This Saturday on Second Inversion: The Butterfly Effect. We’ll take wing with some big music inspired by these delicate little creatures. From evenings at a butterfly greenhouse to afternoons spent studying the different species, we’ll get lost in the bold colors and dazzling transformations of butterflies.

To listen, tune in to Classical KING on Saturday, June 15 at 9pm PT.

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