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Leona Oliveros

Leona Oliveros

Leona's Bio

Introducing our new Classical KING Host Fellow for 2023-24, Leona Oliveros. Not your ordinary radio host, Leona brings a unique blend of passion for education and a deep-rooted connection to the music of the Pacific Northwest, and with roots in both the Philippines and the Pacific Northwest, Leona should feel right at home at Classical KING. By trade, Leona is an educator, sharpening the minds of students of all ages across the South Sound. Currently, Leona works as an adjunct professor at Highline College in the High School Engagement and Academic Success program where they – in addition to teaching – co-lead the Racial Equity Team collaborating with their peers to develop culturally relevant professional development opportunities for staff.

With all of their passion for education, it’s no wonder that Leona’s first introduction to music began in their school days, participating in their school’s band programs from elementary through early college. Even today, Leona continues to be a strong supporter of local musicians and an advocate for community building, learning, and connection through music. What truly makes Leona’s journey to Classical KING special is their own personal connection to our station – growing up with KING FM on the car speakers as they rode around the region with their dad. It’s a memory that proves how music can knit our lives together, and it makes us all the more excited to have Leona on our team.

In their application for the Seattle Arts Fellowship with Classical KING, Leona expressed their strong desire to contribute to our mission of enriching Seattle’s cultural landscape through music and outreach. With a deep passion for equity work and an appreciation for local arts and music, Leona aims to create an inclusive and antiracist environment for all to feel a sense of belonging. Towards this, they bring six years of valuable experience from the public school setting, where they actively engaged in equity-based initiatives, including conference presentations and leadership in professional development programs. With such a community-centered background paired with the skills and perspectives gained from their teaching career, Leona brings an undeniably strong set of communication and engagement expertise to Classical KING that will surely translate to supporting arts and culture in the Seattle community.

So, as we welcome Leona Oliveros to the Classical KING team, let’s celebrate their passion for education, their love for the arts, and their dedication to making the world of classical music more inclusive and accessible. We’re looking forward to the wonderful journey we’ll embark on with Leona by our side, and we can’t wait for you to tune in and experience the magic they’ll bring to the air on Classical KING.

Q&A with Leona

KING: Let’s say you have a free day to spend somewhere beautiful. Are you heading to the beach or the mountains? In the Pacific Northwest, of course, we have easy access to both.

Leona: I love the beach, being close to the ocean is always comforting to me.

KING: Favorite type of food?

Leona: My favorite food is and kind of seafood. Shrimps, shellfish, salmon, and seaweed!

KING: It’s game night! Are you hoping for a board/tabletop game, a video game, or a sporting event?

Leona: Boardgame

KING: Beatles or Rolling Stones? (Or Bach or Beethoven?)

Leona: Beatles

KING: What music might people be surprised to learn you listen to — when you’re not listening to KING, that is?

Leona: Alternative/Metal

KING: What classical composers, living or dead, haven’t gotten their fair dose of attention — which composers aren’t “household names” but should be?

Leona: Rachmaninov

KING: If your classical music collection was entirely vinyl records, which of those records would be nearly worn-out from being played dozens of times? In other words, what music do you come back to, over and over again?

Leona: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade makes frequent appearances in my life. Joe Hisaishi’s Princess Mononoke soundtrack is also extremely nostalgic to me.

KING: What pieces of music do you turn to when you need comfort, solace, or relaxation?

Leona: Oscar Peterson, Night Train. Ella Fitzgerald Live in Berlin.

KING: Let’s say you’re hosting a musical dinner party or cocktail party, and you can invite three composers or performers, living or dead. Whom do you invite?

Leona: Charles Mingus, Gustav Mahler, and Joe Hisaishi. I would love to hear how these artists discuss nature, agony, and society.


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